We couldn’t score tickets for #Coachella this year, but we’re still hyped for festival season, and all those gorgeous pics have inspired us to pull together our own lookbook for SS19. Ft. some of the hottest #festivalhair we’ve ever clapped eyes on:

1. Carefree braids like Jordyn

No stranger to the braid, Jordyn Woods still wowed us when she rocked up to Coachella with this cascading mane of intricately woven strands.

The work of LA-based @braidedbytee, these incredible braids are the epitome of #festivalhair. They’re carefree, effortlessly elegant and incredibly striking. Plus, braids like this are the *perfect* way to mask that (kinda-gross) third-day hair. Our only beef? The total lack of accessories. Add a few flower beads, clips or glittery  slides and you’ll be well on your way to the perfect festival look.

Be warned though; braids this intricate can take a *lot* of time and effort. Jordyn’s stylist was probably working round the clock to perfect the model’s Coachella look, so make sure you leave plenty of time to practice or book in

2. Sparkly word hair clips

SS19 is *all* about accessories, which is probably why these crystal-encrusted hair pins are blowing up all over our Insta feed. We absolutely love the way these (totes glam) accessories catch and reflect light; adding some much-needed sparkle to your style.

They’re also a great option for up-styling relatively mundane haircuts, so if you’re looking for a simple and straightforward way to channel those Coachella vibes, just jam a few in your hair and you’ll be good to go!

If you pick them carefully, these accessories are also a great way to let the world know what you’re all about. We’ve seen people use them to highlight their fave genre of music; their orientation *and* their main aesthetic so feel free to go wild, and use your hair to make a stand this festival season.

3. Metallic fringe x high pony

The ultimate SS19 combo, this look combines this year’s glitter obsession with a super laid-back style that’s made for hot summer festivals. We absolutely *love* the soft, subtle waves created by that high pony, and the clip-on metallic detailing just gives it a little bit of extra wow factor, which is absolutely essential if you’re going to rock the look at one of this year’s top events.

Once you’ve got your hands on the accessories, this look is also pretty easy to achieve. You literally just have to brush out your hair, pull it up into a high pony and start accessorising. If you’re worried about how your second (or third) day festival hair is gonna look in a high pony, you can also pack some dry shampoo and/or a texture spray to give it a little lift, and keep it looking 100% fresh.

4. Rainbow dazzle braids

Rainbow colours; sparkly gemstones and a whole lotta braid: This gorgeous style is everything you could ask for in an SS19 look. We absolutely adore its slinky, serpentine shape, and I’m sure that we don’t need to tell you that it’s super-vibrant color scheme is so on-trend RN…

This look first debuted at NY-based fashion brand Area’s latest catwalk show, but it’s high-fashion roots and abstract design don’t detract from its charm at all. In fact, we think it’d be a perfect match for any one of this summer’s hottest festivals and we are absolutely smitten.

The only (slight) downside? Getting hold of that many jewel-encrusted extensions, clips or accessories is going to be a bit of a nightmare, and then you’d have to actually style the thing…

Still, where there’s a will there’s a way, and this look is absolutely perfect if you’re looking to go big this festival season.

5. The Pink Bob

The work of Moschino’s creative director (@JeremyScott for the uninitiated) these bright pink bobs are a bold and striking choice that’s perfect for festival season. If our Insta feed is anything to go by, candy/bubblegum pink is undergoing a bit of a resurgence this year and the sleek, sharp lines of this style make for great contrast with such a fun and lively colour.

Plus, it’s worth remembering that bobs don’t require much short-term maintenance, so if you plan on going away for a few days and you’re not sure you’ll have time to rebraid/style your hair every five minutes, this look is a great choice. Or you could make like these two pals and opt for wigs 💁‍♀️

If you do take the plunge and chop your hair this summer, just remember to spritz with dry shampoo, and run your fave straighteners through your tresses to instantly revive the look (and disguise your second-day hair). Presto; you’re festival-ready in seconds, and you didn’t even need to pack spare beads…

6. Wavy hair x braids

Selena Gomez has always been one to watch, and her Coachella 2019 look certainly didn’t disappoint. Making a surprise entrance during DJ Snake’s set, the former Disney star wowed us all with an effortlessly cool, messy braided do.

This look is all about contrast and framing: The flyaway wisps are the perfect counterpart to those thick, weighty braids, and the way the whole thing emphasizes the natural shape of her face is just perfect.

If you’re keen to copy the look, make sure you pack some texture spray in your festival kit; those loose, flowing waves might look incredibly carefree, but we guarantee that they’re the work of an expert stylist, and unless you give it a little TLC, your third-day, festival hair is unlikely to look *quite* as snatched.

7. Threaded braids

Stella Maxwell’s heavily-accessorized tresses are a real throwback to OG woodstock and the origins of festival season. They also ooze boho charm, which makes them a great choice for any laidback festival look.

This style is pretty easy to imitate too. You’ll need plenty of colored thread (obvs) and a great deal of patience, but the results are well worth the effort and there’s no call for complex routines or intensive styling products.

Just make sure you pack some salt spray, because that gritty, beach-ready texture is 90% of this look’s charm.

8. Twisted dreadlock braids

Variations of the box braid have been enjoying a moment in the sun recently, and Shanina Shaikh’s twisty redux is the *perfect* way to update them for SS19. Reportedly the work of @missomalondon, these thick, heavy braids look a little bit like dreadlocks from a distance, which is probably why they’re so well-suited to this year’s boho-chic vibes.

As Shanina herself notes, they’re also a great way to disguise your second- or third-day hair. The only problem? They can be a real pain to achieve. Particularly if you’re not used to sectioning up your hair and weaving and tightly twisting together some pretty intricate braids.

Learning to master this talent is time well spent though, so if you’re looking to make waves at one of this summer’s hottest festivals, we’d deffo recommend that you give it a whirl.

9. Accessorised waves

Breezy, beach-ready and 100% fire, this awesome look is a great match for festival season. We’re loving those dainty little accessories too. SS19 is all about hair jewellery, and these glittery little numbers also serve a very practical purpose; pulling Draya Michelle’s hair up and out of her face so that she can stay cool in the summer sun.

Those perfectly snatched waves aren’t going to last forever though. If you’re planning to do like everybody’s favourite socialite come fashion designer, we’d definitely recommend that you pack some rescue products.

Salt sprays, texturising clays and hairsprays are all good options that can help you inject some life into your hairdo, and it goes without saying that dry shampoo is an essential component for this look. If you need a little help on choosing the right products for your hair type, just pop in to your local Mastercuts Salon and one of our stylists will be happy to hook you up.

10. Long, loose waves (aka Kylie Jenner)

A stark departure from her first Coachella look, Kylie debuted this loose and wavy mane on the second day of festivities and we’ll be the first to admit that it redefined our Coachella experience. See, Coachella has always been about loud, proud hairstyles that are designed to stand out from the crowd, but this effortless look 100% subverted our expectations – proving, once and for all, that boho-chic really was the order of the day.

Luckily, this look is also super easy to imitate, assuming that you’ve got the length. Just spritz with your favourite texturising spray, and gently curl your hair using your favourite styler. Ofc it goes without saying that Kylie’s hair will get a lot of TLC from her team of hairdressers, but there’s no reason that you can’t get close, and there really is no better way to channel that Coachella vibe…

We were also pleasantly surprised to see Kylie rock up with this rather tame look (by Kylie’s Coachella standards anyway). Head over to our Instagram to check out her previous Coachella hairstyles.

11. Fishy side braid

Amika *always* knock it out of the park, and this festival-ready look certainly doesn’t disappoint. Pairing textured waves with a chunky, fish-tail braid on one side creates instant contrast, and that coral pink color is a perfect fit for this year’s fairytale-boho vibes.

We’re also loving the fact that this gorgeous little look is basically 100% maintenance free. You’ll want to spritz it with dry shampoo on day two, but the genius thing about that braid is that it’ll create the natural waves for you, so if you switch sides each night, you’ll always have perfectly textured hair the next morning.

Talk about convenient!

12. Iridescent balayage

The work of our very own Jessica from our Mastercuts salon in Wilkes Barre, PA, this iridescent balayage is major hair goals, and a great fit for this year’s hottest festival trends. Its multifaceted, purple-pink and blue tones tap straight into SS19’s obsession with #mermaidhair and its’ soft, gentle waves are 100% effortless.

Recolouring your hair may seem like a pretty drastic option, but it’s one of the best ways of making sure that your brand new ‘do stands out in a crowd. It’s also great because once you’ve recolored your hair, you don’t really need to worry about upkeep or styling; Just run your favourite stylers through, and then kick back and relax while your color does the talking for you…

Found the look?

This collection is perfect for SS19, and we’re pretty confident that you’ll find something that speaks to you here. That said, our stylists are also very well placed to help you find the perfect #festivalhair so if you’re still not sure you’ve found the one, why not book into your local Mastercuts salon and let them help you out?