We know the feeling. You step out the salon with an amazing new look, an expert blow out and you even start to feel invincible (good hair really does have that effect), when it suddenly dawns on you – how are you going to maintain this salon styled hair?

If only we had expert stylists at our finger tips. They’d help us start the day right with a therapeutic shampoo and conditioning scalp massage… offer you a cold or hot beverage (maybe even a cinnabon?) and leave us feeling like Hollywood glam with an expert blow out every single day…. *drool*. Well, the bad news is not everybody can afford the A-lister lifestyle *bubble burst* but the good news is (yes there is some good news) you can grab yourself handy expert tips for hair care at home which will help you maintain that salon styled hair for longer.

Not only is hair vulnerable to the elements such as sun exposure and pollution, it’s also weakened from coloring, blow drying and styling. Split-ends and breakage are major curse words in the world of hair, so to reduce the risk of damage we’ve compiled exclusive Designline packages featuring our favorite hair care products. Read all about our hair care packages below and speak to your stylist about picking the right products for you.

Colored Hair

We LOVE coloring your hair. It’s the best. We get to help you really showcase your individuality and that’s a big, big plus for both you and the stylist. However, with great color, comes great responsibility.  To ensure longevity of color and long-term health of your hair, it’s important that you choose the right hair care products that will maintain and protect your color. Our Designline range for colored hair not only adds shine but it also extends the life of your color by upto to 50%.

color care designline

Damaged Hair

Unlike damaged goods, you can’t return damaged hair. But you can take steps to repair your tresses. Coloring, heat styling, exposure to UV sunlight and pollution can all result in leaving your hair feeling weak and vulnerable to damage.  This package focuses on repairing and replenishing damaged hair, allowing you to maintain your healthy-looking salon style at home.

damaged hair designline

 Oily Hair

One of the most common hair complaints we receive is oily hair. You’ll be pleased to know that this can be easily addressed with this sulphate-free package. As logical as it sounds, frequently washing your hair can make your hair greasier – sounds crazy, right? Imagine this: when you wash your hair, you are stripping it of its natural sebum. Your body responds to this by replacing the natural oil that it has lost, and thus you’re stuck in this vicious cycle of greasy, over-washed hair! Fear not, our sulphate-free package cleanses the hair gently, rather than stripping away moisture and color pigment as some sulphates do.

oily hair designline

Normal Hair

A common mistake made by those with normal hair is taking it for granted. Don’t take normal hair for granted! If your hair is neither greasy nor dry, holds its style and looks good most of the time, you won’t want it to lose its mojo. Maintain its strength and balance with this package which nourishes, conditions and adds shine.

normal hair designline


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