Happy Birthday JB! This week the pop sensation turns the grand old age of 25 (yep- we’re officially old). He’s gone from the kid busking on the streets back in his home city of Ontario to a star-studded Grammy Award winning, multi-platinum selling artist. As well as his ever-evolving sense of fashion he’s transformed his hair *a lot* over the years, so it was the perfect time for us to look back at his most iconic hair styles. Whether he’s strutting his stuff down the red carpet or in his latest Calvin Klein ad, we’ve seen it all from the shaggy fringe, bleach blonde and completely clean shaved.

His sense of style has evolved, at times quite drastically, over the years. He’s come a long way from his preferred uniform of purple tops, grey pants and high tops to his hybrid of bomber and motorcycle jackets. Then there was *that* dirtcore hairstyle worn with a tucked-in tshirt teamed with what looked like disposable hotel slides and the early signs of a moustache. But that’s a whole other story.

Despite his occasional regard for anti-style, anti-trend and anti-choice, or simply just an absence of all of these things, he retains his global icon status. He may have bossed the I-just-woke-up-like-this look whenever he’s not proving his suavity on the red-carpet, but we wonder how much of his outfits and hairstyles are his own concoction. Does he sometimes just throw stuff together in a bid to throw some satire shade on conventional grooming, or does he really rely on carefully curated and trend-enabling looks set out by his entourage of stylists?

Unlike A-listers like The Biebs you might not have the luxury of a team of stylists and fashionistas at your fingertips, but you do have this ultimate guide to Bieber’s hair. Packed full of some of his most iconic looks, from the questionable to the down right smooth, you can take your pick of styles as we guarantee there’ll be something for everyone.

The Swept Helmet

Ok so picture this: within two years of Justin Bieber’s mom posting YouTube videos of him singing, he skyrocketed to stardom. There was clearly no time to transform his style to suit conventional ‘pop star’ ideology, but we reckon this boy-next-door look actually worked in his favour. It’s been over 10 years since Bieber first made his way onto our screens with his debut hit ‘One Time’. Girls were literally throwing themselves at him, and it’s safe to say that wherever he went, Bieber fever was at large. Aside from his singing voice, we think his hairstyle played a big part when it came to his fan base appeal. He nailed the cutesy, innocent vibe – surely the kind every parent looks for when it comes to approving a prom date?  The truest of Justin Bieber fans will remember his early career days with this long, swept fringe style.  The lengthy and floppy look became his signature Bieber style and took over middle and high schools literally everywhere, with parents surely asking their kids repeatedly to push their hair out of their eyes. If you want to throw it back to Bieber’s ‘Swept Helmet’ days, book in to your local Mastercuts salon and let one of our stylists tame your grown-out locks into this swooping style. For hassle-free maintenance we suggest using EIMI Texture Pearl Styler to lock hair in place whilst also keeping the finish glossy and healthy-looking.

Crop it like it’s hot

His first appearance at the VMAs in 2011 was a big one. Not only did he win Best Male Video, make his first official sighting with now ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, but we also saw his forehead for the first time! As the teen’s career evolved, his sense of style joined along for the ride. Clearly looking to the legendary James Dean for inspiration, he sported a new cropped style that opened him up to a edgier side, just like a pop star in fact. No longer hiding behind the heavy fringe he finally let us see his whole face! This cool cut increased both volume and texture on top that matured his baby face perfectly, without making him look older than his years. For a little gritty texture like JB’s, our stylists recommend using Redken Texture Rewind Styling Paste. Suitable for any hair type or style, this paste provides a ‘web of support’ allowing you to create strong shapes with your hair whilst being flexible enough to let you change your style throughout the day if you needed to!

Quiff king

As if volumized hair wasn’t enough, Justin took it a whole new level in 2012 by revealing his towering new quiff to the world. The teenager fringe was long gone at this point as The Biebs began opting for more mature styles, but he still managed to give us that sense of pop-star eccentricity. If Justin was going to wear a quiff, he’d want you to notice it – hence the towering height.  Were we beginning to see a glimpse of his satirical take on trending hairstyles? Satirical or not, his fans were smitten with the new look as we recall guys (sometimes at the request of their girlfriends) popping into our salon to request ‘Bieber’s quiff’. We’re not sure if it was his growth into a young man, or this hairstyle, but he definitely grew handsomer.  It’s a hairstyle that literally takes up more space, so it’ll make any guy stand out and get noticed. Justin’s love of versatility stretched beyond his clothes to his hair, which is why he wore his quiff in various ways from super texturised to tall and proud or swept back and slick ready for a red-carpet bash. One of the most iconic haircuts to have ever graced men’s heads, the quiff has been big news dating back to the 1950s, earning it a firm place in the follicular hall of fame alongside the French crop, buzz cut and short back and sides. According to a survey conducted by Fudge, the quiff is also deemed one of the sexiest by women and a haircut they are most likely to swipe right on. Cue all the men who didn’t know that trying to find their nearest salon 😂. Our stylists advise the use of a strong clay when you blow-dry to ensure maximum hold. We recommend Redken Texture Rough Clay – all you’ll need to do is rub a small amount into your hands and run through dry hair for a flexible hold and a matte finish.

Bleach boy

Now, this is where we began to see Justin’s more daring side as he delves into the world of professional hair colouring. At a time where Kim K and Jared Leto also decided to pay a trip to the lighter side, it was no surprise that JB decided to follow suit.  Justin was going through a lot in his life at this time, and sometimes a revamped look can certainly help to lift your spirits. Hair color is an identity. There’s a reason why fugitives dye their hair when they’re on the run; when you change your hair color, you can become a different person. Whilst fugitives tend to go dark because they want to hide and disappear, most celebrities tend to go lighter because they require the spotlight. Not to say that coloring your hair makes you an attention-seeker of course! Hair coloring is your identity and a great way to express your personality. One thing to note if you want to dye your hair blonde is that it’s not a quick transformation and it also requires maintenance at home too. If you’ve recently dyed your hair lighter our stylists recommend stocking up on Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed So Silver Purple Shampoo and Conditioner to help enhance your blonde and prevent damage.  If you want your color looking vibrant like JB’s, you’ll need to ensure you enrich blonde strands by neutralising brassy tones in every wash. Aside from his new color, Justin’s new signature look was loosely combed back so his dark roots were on show leaving the blonde ends afloat

Ice, Ice Bieby

Bieber continued to home in on his punk image by developing his shade a step further to platinum blonde which he smartly debuted at the Saint Lauren Fashion Show in 2016. For someone with an olive skin tone, he seemed to pull off the peroxide look quite well. Side-stepping the erm, sweatband that’s adorning his forehead in this pic, his lighter blonde is a big nod to the 90s, circa David Beckham in his hay day. Justin’s blonde hair ignited a somewhat fascination with switching up his hairstyles – remember his ‘mun’ and dreadlock phase? Hmm. Now, that we’re transitioning into Spring the desire to go lighter is probably hanging over us all. If you’re thinking of going blonde but are concerned your hair will suddenly turn dry and brittle, we recommend using a leave in conditioner to provide your hair with the hydration it so desperately needs. Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum seals moisture into each individual strand leaving your hair feeling hydrated, glossy and frizz-free.  What’s not to love? So there’s no need to distract from unhealthy hair by trying out every hairstyle there is, just keep it hydrated and let your shiny, longer locks do all the talking for you.

Never say no hair

What’s the quote? A girl that cuts her hair is about to change her life? Well, that worked for Justin too. In 2018, he gave in to the requests (or begs) of his fans and then fiancé Hailey Baldwin to chop off his extremely matted bleach locks. His hair was gradually getting longer and blonder for the best part of a year, but the singer finally saw the light in more ways than one. He debuted his latest dramatic cut on Instagram and shocked the world when he went fully buzz cut on us. We bet Hailey’s relieved now that she doesn’t need to contend with his not so loveable mop. Was it the influence of marriage, the start of a new era or the end of an eventful year? Whatever inspired him to go for the chop, speaking for hair enthusiasts around the world, we’re truly grateful. If you’re not quite at the stage of shaving your hair but know you need to inject some well needed nourishment in your hair, our stylists recommend using Designline Olive Oil Shampoo. It’s a great product that helps rehydrate your hair, leaving it feeling silkier and looking healthier. We’re loving his far cleaner, more refined look and especially loved the fact that he shared his hair journey with us on his Instagram story. We can only hope he was ‘Sorry’ for keeping us waiting for so long before he decided to have a haircut – but hey, we forgive him.

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