Can you believe JT is 38 years old? It seems like only yesterday we watched him body pop his way to solo fame outside a 7 eleven for his ‘Like I love you’ music video. Yet, two decades after the peak of his boy band fame with NSYNC, JT is still one of the most successful and stylish pop artists around. Justin’s fashion and style evolution, from ‘boy-band synchronized wardrobe days’ to a source of fashion inspiration to men all over the globe, is one worth noting, particularly his evolution of hair styles. From his infamous boy-band-bleached curls in the nineties to his slick and modern pompadour of today, we look back at his hairstyles throughout the years and how you can steal his most iconic looks.
Ok so these days Justin Timberlake might be a suave red-carpet pro, but anyone who grew up in the ’90s and early ’00s will know that the Friends With Benefits star hasn’t always been so impeccably groomed. Case in point is this spectacular head of curls, dated just slightly after his iconic frosted tips at the MTV music awards back in 2000. Our stylists say that trends, particularly hair trends, are recycled more often than we realise, or sometimes without us realising at all! Did you know that curly hair for men is back? It might not exactly reflect JT’s rendition of frosted curls from back in the day, but natural curls are back with a modern twist. Try growing your hair out and teasing your childhood curls back in, they’ll thank you for the revival.
Fast forward a couple of years and Justin’s chopped off his curls in favour of this more textured yet clean-cut look. Going solo really worked for him in more ways than one – granted he didn’t win in 2002 but he won twice at the MTV awards the following year to make up for it.  It didn’t take him long to reinvent himself as a solo singer when we saw him ditch the boy band terils for a more mellow look that still injected some of his fun personality. Our stylists’ advice when it comes to making a drastic change? Make sure the new style is ‘you’ – making a radical change can be scary but well worth it if you get it right.
Justin really took it short back in 2003 ready for the ‘Rock your body’ video. This was a bold move for the popstar as we had just gotten used to him with his boy next door look when he got rid of his curls. Even his features began to change at this point as he morphed right before our eyes from a typical boyband member to an iconic solo artist. With a lot of men looking to keep their pompadour style in 2019, we suspect there are also going to be a lot deciding to get rid. And who can blame them? Nobody wants to be sitting in the sun with a melting pompadour looking a bit sorry for itself. If you’re thinking of going for the big shave our stylist’s advice would be to adapt this throwback image slightly to give it a bit of update. Justin Timberlake’s current buzzcut is worn with a 0.5 on the back & sides then faded into a number 1 on top.
Fast forward to 2017 and this could  very well be our favourite look from JT. He has come a long way since those boyband days by mastering the suave and sophisticated look at the Oscars Luncheon.  A man that knows how to pull off a full beard and create an iconic pompadour quiff. Maintaining your beard however can be quite the task. Trimming can go one of many ways: you don’t want it to detract attention from all the hard work you’ve put into your pompadour but you also don’t want it looking dishevelled and patchy. Justin seems to strike the perfect balance. Bravo!

Justin has never been one to shy away from revisiting his favourite styles, but he always manages to give his looks a modern twist that end up trending on Instagram. As he kicked off the Brit Awards with a duo performance, his bromance with Chris Stapleton wasn’t the only thing we were anticipating – all eyes were on his beanie hat and what lied beneath.

Even though this hairstyle is fairly low maintenance, it still requires upkeep to retain that sharpness which gives this look its edge. Our stylists recommend visiting getting shaped up every couple of weeks.

Justin’s one day reunion with former boyband NSYNC could only mean thing: return of the curls. But as with all of his throwback styles he’s given his curls a revamp. We don’t know what we love more the fact we saw our ultimate boy crushes back together to receive their extra special star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or those curls. This time Justin took it short on the sides and kept the focus on top. To get this look our stylists recommend when drying your hair moving the diffuser in circular motions to increase texture and mimic curls. Natural curls for men are making a comeback in 2019. Just no frosted tips please.
If this doesn’t bring out Justin’s piercing blue eyes, what does? The quiff is a signature look for Justin and we love the cooler tones in his brunette shade. If you want to recreate this look you’ll need to keep the hair long on top and style with textured layers parted ever so slightly to the side. Our stylists recommend finding a part on either side of the hair, using some wax or a pomade to push your locks together and combing over on your chosen side. Avoid creating a sharp parting if you’re looking to achieve that relaxed, second-day feel to the hair.

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