So, you’ve bagged a hot date and now you want to make sure it’s a slam dunk? Lucky for you, #teammastercuts is hot on the case. We’ve pulled together a collection of our fave celebrity hairstyles to get your creative juices flowing, and make sure you rock up looking 100% fire.

Oh, and the best bit? We’re knocking the price of our Blowouts right down to $19.99 between the 11th and the 17th of Feb. So if you don’t fancy trying to pull off one of these looks by yourself, just book an appointment at your local MasterCuts salon and let one of our expert stylists get you date night ready.

You can thank us later 😉 .  First though, it’s time for some top-tier romantic #hairspo:

Katherine Langford

Hollywood waves are a date night classic, and Katherine Langford’s Golden Globes look makes for the perfect update. We absolutely love the way her glitzy accessories (courtesy of Jennifer Behr) takes the style to a whole new level and draping the majority of her hair over one shoulder is a really nice touch too.


Want the look? Just use your favourite styling wand to add soft waves to your hair, then accessorize with starry pins or criss-crossed clips on one side. Once you’re date-night ready, just gently brush your hair over the opposite shoulder and you’ll be good to go.

Perfect for: Glam dates at a nice restaurant, or candle-lit dinners with your bae.

Lauren Conrad

Half-up hair-dos are a chic option that are perfect for casual dates, and this gorgeous example from hair superstar Lauren Conrad will still let you bring your best hair game. We absolutely adore the way it highlights your hair’s texture with gentle waves and we think it’s a great choice for anyone with thick or wavy hair.

To make it work, brush a good texturizing (or volumizing) treatment through your hair, section some strands from the side of your crown and then pin them in place with bobby pins. Once you’ve done this, it’s just a case of choosing a bold accessory to set the whole thing off, and tie in your date night outfit (Lauren’s bow is another Jennifer Behr creation). If you’re struggling to get enough volume or texture, just book an appointment at your local MasterCuts and our stylists will help you out.

Perfect for: Laid back dates at the bar, bae’s house or the beach.

Jamea Lynee

If you’re blessed with a full head of curly hair, an accessorized bob is absolutely perfect for casual dates. This super-chic (and super-simple) ‘do will highlight your face, as well as adding a fun and flirty vibe to your Valentine’s day look.

Plus, it’s pretty much prep-free. Just book into your local salon a few days before your date and let our expert stylists trim and style to make sure everything’s the perfect length. Once you’re sure everything’s sitting just right, all you need to do is wash your hair the day before and pick out the perfect accessory. We love Jamea’s headscarf but a colourful bandanna or a thick headband would work just as well here.

Perfect for: Chill dates at a low-key restaurant or diner.

Lucy Hale

Twisted chignons are effortlessly romantic and incredibly glam, which makes them a shoe-in for glitzy dates. They’re also show stopping when combined with bold earrings or a backless dress so if you’re looking to go all out, Lucy Hale’s accessorized low and twisted chignon is a great place to start.

Chignons are tricky though. Doubly so if you want to pull off the elegant twists seen here. You can try to copy the look by brushing your hair into a centre parting, sectioning off small strands from the crown and then twisting them together until you’ve got the foundation in place. But if you’re struggling and you want to get the full effect, we’d definitely recommend booking an appointment at your local Mastercuts salon so our experts can fashion a truly red-carpet ‘do for your big night.

Perfect for: Glamourous dates at the theatre, a glitzy restaurant or a fancy bar.

Melody Acevedo

Another top choice for those of us with a thick head of curls, top knots are still going to be all the rage this year and they’re also a great choice for low-key dates. They let your gorgeous good looks take center stage and they’re also a breeze to maintain throughout the night which is a must if you’re doing anything active…

Insta-star Melody’s top-knot is a cakewalk to replicate too: All you need to do is prep by washing your hair a couple of days before the date, and treating it with your favourite volumizing product. Come the big night, all that’s left to do is section your hair at the temples and gather the required amount into a super-chic top knot. Like we said. Effortless. Not to mention incredibly-cute and hassle-free.

Perfect for: Casual dates at the bar or the arcade. As well as active dates *er-hum*  that involve hiking or bike rides, of course.


Hitting the perfect mid-point between effortless and incredibly stylish, low braids are a great choice for anyone who wants to bring their A-game without looking like they’re trying too hard. Low braids like Savi’s are also (surprisingly) a good fit for people with shorter hair that hits at the jawline.

To replicate Savi’s look, wash and thoroughly dry your hair before backcombing everything on the top, and then weaving small sections into a loose braid at the nape. Take care to bring in your short layers, but don’t be too surprised if some strands sneak out and fall around your face. It’s part of this look’s effortless charm and we think it’s something you should definitely lean into. Struggling to get things just right? This style can be tricky to pull off properly but our stylists will be able to help you out so, if you’re having a hard time, book into your local MasterCuts salon and we’ll get it spot-on for your big date.

Perfect for: Any (and every) Valentine’s date. This style is super-versatile and it’ll look effortless in any situation.

Lucy Hale

Lucy made it onto our list twice for a very simple reason: Her styles are absolutely perfect for date night. This half-up knotted bun is a sleek and sophisticated option that’ll add instant glam to any look. It also gives you a great opportunity to play with starry pins (or any other glitzy accessories) which is always a plus…

The only downside? This is a fairly tricky style to get right because a fair amount of precision is involved. If you’re taking a DIY approach, make sure you wash, dry and straighten your hair, as well as using your favourite smoothing treatment to make it more manageable.

Once this essential prep is out the way, try to section off some strands from the top of your head and bring them back to the crown, twisting gently as you go. This gives you the hair you need for your bun, which you can make by looping everything back into a neat circle before adding a knot and pinning everything in place. Sound complicated? Practice does make perfect and you will learn to master this style in time, but if you’d prefer to let the experts style it for you, just book a Blow Dry at your local MasterCuts salon and our experts will be happy to craft a half-up bun that’d make Lucy green with envy.

Perfect for: Restaurant dates, or candle-lit dinners at your date’s house

Still struggling for Valentine’s day inspo?

We absolutely adore all 7 of these date-ready styles. There’s something here for everyone and some of them are super-romantic. Everyone’s different though, so if you still haven’t found “the look” we’d definitely recommend chatting to one of our stylists in person.


Speak to our experts 

Unlike the internet, our expert stylists will be able to offer you hands-on advice about styles that’ll suit your face, outfit and hair type. If you book into your local MasterCuts they’ll be more than happy to walk you through more options. Plus, Blow Outs are just $19.99 for the Valentine’s day period, and there really isn’t a better way to get your hair date night ready…

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