Are you one of the lucky people who have incredibly thick and naturally voluminous hair? Copious amounts of thick hair is desired by most, but those blessed with it will tell you it’s no easy fete to tame that mane. Arms begin to ache from holding a heavy blow dryer in the air for long periods of time and half dried hair in a hurry each morning limits your styling options drastically. One half of us thick-maned-gals are guilty of just tying it up in a standard ponytail for the whole of winter (sad, but true). Whilst the other half of us are guilty of running out the house with it still damp, hoping for the best and that the blustery winter wind doesn’t leave us looking like Monica from Friends (you know the episode we’re talking about). If you dread waking up on a cold morning knowing you’ve got to wash your uber thick mane then you’ll want to read on. Find out our stylist top tips on how to save time drying thick hair, so you can spend your mornings catching up on cat memes and having breakfast that’s not made by Starbucks.

Tip 1.

Kick start your routine with a great conditioner

Our stylists say: “Conditioner not only smooths your strands but can help them dry faster, too. The silicones that protect each hair strand and seal it down, help to repel water”.

A high-quality conditioner like the Biolage Keratindose is filled with ingredients that help to leave hair feeling nourished, silky smooth and easier to manage. As well as helping to de-tangle hair, the silk extract-enriched formula also helps to soften, repair and moisturise. The smoother your hair is when you step out the shower, the quicker you’ll be able to dry it.

Tip 2.

Towel dry hair the right way

Our stylists say:  “Styling and blow drying hair that has been towel dried first is faster than tackling it soaking wet”.

Towel drying your hair the right way is so important if you want to maintain the quality of your hair and avoid split ends and breakage. Whilst wet, hair is at its weakest and easier to damage. Avoid aggressively rubbing wet hair with the towel to get it to a damp state. We know the mornings can be hectic, especially if you’re running late, but trust us – drying your hair the right way can also save you time (and your hair). Instead of rubbing, press the towel onto wet hair to dry up water. Giving your tresses a good press or squeeze with a towel is far better than rubbing.

It’s also important to choose a clean, soft towel. The softer the towel, the gentler it will be on your hair and the quicker it will be able to absorb water.

Tip 3.

Detangling serum to the rescue  

Stylists say: “Use a lightweight detangling serum to separate knotted wet hair before you pick up the brush”.

Pour a little serum onto your hands and use your fingers to smooth through your knotted hair. We recommend Paul Mitchell’s Lite Detangler. This gentle formula will relieve your tresses of their tangles, whilst maintaining your hair’s body and shine. Concentrate applying the product on your mid-length to ends (avoid your roots so your hair doesn’t become greasy). Only once you’re confident it’s all over your hair should you consider reaching for your comb. De-tangling your hair as much as possible beforehand will save you some major time when it comes to combing and blow-drying.

Tip 4.

Only use a wide tooth comb

Our stylists say: “Wet hair is more prone to breakage so it’s important to invest in a wide tooth comb as the teeth are far enough apart so that when you drag it through, it doesn’t tug on your hair”.

Using a regular brush on wet hair increases the likelihood of split ends and breakage. It’s important therefore that you use a wide tooth comb so that it causes less damage to your wet hair. Simply start at the ends of your hair and work your way up, brushing in short strokes. Continue this process until you can easily run your comb through the entire length of your hair. When choosing a brush, opt for one with plastic rubber-tipped bristles, instead of metal bristles – your hair will thank you for it.

Tip 5.


Our stylists say: “Allow your hair to dry naturally for as long as possible before taking a brush and blow-dryer to it”.

Incorporate as much of your morning routine in-between getting out of the shower and blow-drying as possible. Eat your breakfast, do your makeup, make your bed, plan your outfit, meditate — whatever you need to do each morning, do it before you turn your attention to your hair. By the time you get around to picking up that blow-dryer your hair will be much dryer and ultimately quicker to blow-dry into your chosen style. As if by magic…

Tip 6.

The blow-out

Our stylists say: “For a blow-out that will last for days, dry both the top side and the underside of each hair section”.

We suggest starting (and focusing) on the roots, because the ends of your hair will dry quickly on their own. Another tip is to always dry your hair in sections. If you start drying your hair with the top layer, you end up scooping wet hair from beneath it and rewetting the layers that are already dry.

Separate hair into sections – at least three, but the thicker the hair the more sections you will need. Invest in some good quality hair clips that won’t slip and are also super lightweight and comfortable.

Remember to pull the hair taut and work your way down the shaft when blow-drying while twirling your round brush.


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