Raise your hand if you want healthier, shinier hair, like right now? 🙋

Everyone? Yeah, we thought so.

In the age of blowout bars, extreme dye jobs, and perms (yes, they’re back!), it’s no longer just a question of if your hair is damaged but rather how damaged it is. Before you start feeling disheartened and start picturing how dull life would be without your straightener, don’t forget that all wrecked hair can be revived, thanks to our stylist’s sneaky little tips and tricks.

So, don’t worry, there’s no need to add your styling tools to craigslist just yet, have a read of these simple rules and your hair will be in tip top condition in no time.


Don’t wet it as often


Did you know that water makes hair swell from the inside, which forces the cuticle up? This is exactly what causes frizz and breakage. When you wash your hair more than you need to, it pushes your hair cuticle upwards giving us that dreaded frizzy and dull style we all love to hate. Washing your hair too often not only makes the color fade faster, but it causes hair to lose its natural vibrancy and shine when repeatedly applied under hot water. We’re not saying to avoid washing your hair forever, (that’ll give you a whole other set of problems to worry about), but whenever you can skip a day and rely on a little dry shampoo, that’s great – and trust us, your hair will thank you for it. Our stylists recommend a good dry shampoo like Redken Pillow Proof Dry Shampoo which absorbs excess oil whilst delivering light volume and root lift.


Get smarter shampoo and conditioner.


Invest in a good quality shampoo that’s right for your hair type. All shampoos have detergents that strip oil and color from the hair in some shape or form, so what you need to look out for are shampoos that are aimed at ‘damage repairing’. We recommend Matrix’s Biolage Advanced FibreStrong Shampoo as it’s perfect for hair that’s been damaged by color, chemical processing or heat styling. It benefits from color-safe, Keratin-enriched ingredients and bamboo extracts designed to specifically target weakened strands. It works incredibly well when teamed up with the Biolage Advanced FibreStrong Conditioner. Another important point to note is that if you’re a fan of hair spray, silicone serum or mousse, you’ll need to alternate a cleansing conditioner too with your regular shampoo. Cleansing conditioners can help to remove product residue that makes hair less flexible and leads to breakage and replace dryness with some well-needed nourishment. The Redken Extreme Strengthening Conditioner is one of their best selling conditioners and helps to restore the condition of your hair whilst also focusing on gently cleansing and locking in shine at the same time. Effectively targeting broken and damaged locks, the conditioner works to help fortify weakened areas.



Get it trimmed. Regularly.


Regularly trimming your hair can make it look and feel healthier and are *key* to getting that good hair feeling year round. Your stylist might nag you about having delayed a trim for so long but believe us, it’s with good reason because they care about your hair. Not only do regular trims keep your salon style looking 100% on-point season after season, they also remove split ends and stop any damage from creeping up the length of your hair, and it helps to restore some of its shine too.

So, it’s a no-brainer really isn’t it? Aim to trim your hair every 4-6 weeks. In fact, your stylist will be able to recommend exactly how often you should trim your hair, by factoring in your hair length, it’s current condition and your hairstyle – in case you were looking for a one size fits all solution, that is – sorry! But on the plus side, you can now make your appointment with your favorite stylist online, just head over to our salon locator and find your local salon. 


Protect it against heat


Despite its formidable styling power, heat is probably the worst thing for your hair, so we’d recommend doubling down with a heat-protectant spray. But if you really want it to work, you’ve got to apply it the legit hairstylist way: Grab small sections of damp hair and mist each one up and down the length (two or three spritzes per section depending on the length of your hair). When you’re finished, comb your hair through to distribute the product —heat protectants are pretty useless if they’re not applied all over, and getting there only takes a few seconds so it’s totally worth it.  We’d recommend Redken Heat Styling Iron Shape 11 as it’s ideal for ensuring your hair does not show signs of heat damage from repeated styling and it’ll keep your locks looking healthy and happy.


Save your old t-shirts.


We kid you not: Your basic H&M cotton tee is gentler on your hair than a Christy towel for drying. It’s why our stylists recommend that you keep them on hand as they don’t rough up the cuticle as much, which means you don’t have to work as hard to smooth the hair and make it look healthy. #Win.

Rule #6

Cool your head

If your hair feels hot after you blow-dry or style using curlers or a straightener, it means that it’s still frying and sizzling away. Just imagine when you remove a steak from the grill, it still continues to cook, and it’s the same thing with heat retention from a blow-dryer, or heat styler. If your hair still feels hot, then hit the cold-shot button on your dryer sharpish and give your hair a quick blast to protect it from further damaging.


Get creative.


If you air-dry your hair overnight, you can minimize damage and free up some time for snoozing, coffee, or whatever in the morning. One trick that works for all hair types is to sleep with damp hair in two loose braids and wake up in the morning to smooth, frizz-free and loose curls that you can tease your usually straight and flat hair into beachy waves.


Treat yourself more.

Weekly scalp treatments make a bigger difference to the health of your hair in the long run than you’d think. Scalp treatments help keep the hair follicles clean and prevent the blockage and inflammation that leads to thinning hair later in life. Brands like Nioxin offer a range of scalp treatments that are perfect for combating breakage-related hair loss and amplifying hair structure and strength. If you’re pressed for time, however, dandruff shampoos like the Biolage Scalpsync Anti-Dandruff Shampoo are a great way to clean up your scalp even if you don’t have dandruff.


Boost the shine factor.


Sure, you could use shine sprays and intense serums, but they’re like eyelash extensions —they change things, but they don’t always look so natural. Lightweight oils however, which contain the lightest silicones and oils, create the most believable shine. They help to smooth the hair’s cuticle, which is the hallmark of healthy hair. Our stylists have been raving about Biolage Exquisite Oil Strengthening Treatment and we’re sure you will be too after you’ve used it to create a smooth, glossy finish that’s lightweight yet full of natural-looking shine.

Now it’s time to get healthy hair!

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