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Angie's face-framing style draws attention to her best features. The simple shape is spiced up with great bangs and plenty of rich shine. She styles it by applying DESIGNLINE Silk Drops Repair & Shine Serum and blow-drying with a paddle brush. She uses a flat iron to get it ultra sleek, then makes sure it stays that way with DESIGNLINE Hold Everything Spray.
A look like this shows that when it comes to style, David knows his stuff. Leaving a little extra length on top and keeping it cropped short in the back assures that his hair looks great at work and on the weekends. He applies DESIGNLINE Slick Whip Pomade to his towel-dried hair before blow-drying and works DESIGNLINE Interrupt Texture Cream through it when dry to give it that "oh, my hair naturally looks this good" vibe.
Erin's ultra-rich color and catwalk-worthy bangs make a style statement that's wearable every day. To get it super straight, she applies DESIGNLINE Press It Straightening Cream to towel-dried hair and blow-dry for sleek hair. She smoothes out any kinks with a flat iron and tops it off with a little Get It Pressed Flat Iron Spray.
Want a look that's classic and trendy at the same time? Horace's close-cropped look is both simple and stylish with lots of texture and shine. He uses DESIGNLINE Interrupt Texture Cream and lets it air-dry. When it's dry, he finishes it off with DESIGNLINE Hold Everything Spray, making it look effortless.
Jaime's natural-looking highlights and classic cut create a look that's soft and carefree. She loves the fact that it's low maintenance without lessening its style factor. She uses DESIGNLINE Root Boost Volumizing Foam when her hair is damp, then blows it dry using a round brush. She then details it with DESIGNLINE Silk Drops Repair & Shine Serum.
Kellee's look has the perfect balance of style and sophistication. Her secret? Keeping her hair healthy and getting it super smooth with DESIGNLINE Smooth Talker Smoothing Balm. After blow-drying, she runs a flat iron through her hair and adds a spritz of DESIGNLINE Shine Mist for just the right amount of polish.
Martin doesn't usually spend tons of time on his look, but he admits it's actually kind of fun to use the DESIGNLINE Slick Whip Pomade. He just towel-dries his hair, sweeps on the pomade, then shapes it. It only takes seconds, but it always looks good.
Roberto's style is perfect for the man who wants to add a little sophistication to his look. He adds definition to his smooth style by applying DESIGNLINE Interrupt Texture Cream to damp hair. After blow-drying, he makes sure it looks great all day by using a little DESIGNLINE Hold Everything Spray.
Shannone's look lets her confidence and personality shine through. She combines DESIGNLINE Curl Lock Curl Cream with DESIGNLINE Silk Drops Repair & Shine Serum and applies it to her wet hair to keep curls soft and frizz-free. She then twists sections around her fingers to create curls and lets them air-dry. When it's dry, she adds a little DESIGNLINE Freeze Spray Firm Hold Mist to make sure her style turns plenty of heads.
Todd's a pretty stylish guy, but he likes to keep his hair as simple and easy as possible. He just towel-dries it, then adds a little texture with DESIGNLINE Held Up Texture Paste. No fuss, just great-looking hair that's ready for whatever the day throws at him.
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